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Agile Digital Marketing  |  April 05 2021

Improving Sales and Sales Development Rep (SDR) Closing

According to SalesHackers, only 48% of SDR's consistently meet their quota. And whether your company uses SDRs or not, these tips will be valuable. At Agile,
Alan Koenigsberg  |  December 23 2020

Top 5 Social Media Channels for the Manufacturing Industry

The world of manufacturing, and products for retail is really booming in the social media space. Your existing and potential customers are more active than
Alan Koenigsberg  |  December 15 2020

PPC vs Paid Social: Which is Better to Generate More Leads

PPC and paid social are among the main marketing models and you may be wondering which is better for your manufacturing and retail business. In this article,
Alan Koenigsberg  |  December 10 2020

Step-by-step Guide to Create a Social Media Strategy for Food Manufacturing Companies

When it comes to social media marketing, most people aren't thinking exactly about food manufacturing and retail businesses. The first examples that come to
Alan Koenigsberg  |  December 04 2020

5 Manufacturing SEO Strategies Every Marketer Should Know

More and more manufacturing companies realize that traditional marketing isn't enough to stand out in the digital world. Along with this realization,
Alan Koenigsberg  |  November 20 2020

How to Outsource Content Creation for Your Company’s Blog

Creating high-quality content that connects with your company's audience and customers and adds value to people's lives takes a really long time and requires