Boost Nonprofit Efficiency! Part 2 - A Summary Recap

Agile had the pleasure of hosting a recent webinar on Boosting Nonprofit Efficiency with guest speaker, Soumya Indurti, CEO of Connect Labs, a certified HubSpot Agency Partner. She informed us about the work she and her team does for their nonprofit clients. Focus was on a case study about the World Wildlife Fund, an international nonprofit that is using HubSpot successfully. 

View this short video to apply some of the learning and tips to your organization.

Download the full video here which includes a very useful framework for understanding the value your organization provides and where in the value cycle digital plays a key role.

And stay tuned for our an announcement about our next webinar. 

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And special thanks to the Social Impact Advisory Group and Thrive Alliance for their support. Agile is a member of both organizations.

Non-profits throughout the world, of all sizes are using HubSpot effectively to improve internal efficiency, fundraising outreach and for setting up and running campaigns quickly and easily. Let's chat over a complimentary consultation.