Six Resolutions Every Nonprofit Can Make for 2022

Start your vision engine! 2022 will be here fast. This guide will take you through all of the steps necessary for a vision and plan you can share with your staff for 2022. You can easily involve others by first copying and sharing the Google Doc link below.  
Use the template as-is or build upon it as you wish. Follow this link, set aside a few minutes each week for the next two to three weeks and in no time, you'll have a vision and plan. And the Agile team is here to support and cheer you on! We've advised and worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations like yours over the years. 
HubSpot for Nonprofits is Here With a Significant Discount
Now with the significant offers from HubSpot, specifically designed for Nonprofits, your nonprofit can be more visible, attract more donors and work smarter, not harder in 2022. Check out the HubSpot for Nonprofits page
And if you just began a journey with a new platform, don't abandon it so fast. Get to the place where you can audit its gaps and its strengths. Then set up a free connect and discovery call with us and count on us to help you walk through the best path forward. Hit your stretch goals in 2022 -- there's no better time!
To a bright future ahead in 2022,
The Agile Team