Why a Rebrand for Agile Digital Marketing

We're excited -- this is our official announcement of our new website and press release -- it's a new year and a new and rebranded Agile Digital Marketing. Our roots haven't changed since our founding in 2004, but we have continued to improve and adapt our processes around our customer's goals, plans and challenges. We have a larger team of seasoned experts and are positioned to help businesses in the $3M to $20M revenue range with growth goals between 2x to 5x in the next 5 years. 

Like the song by the same name, by Louis Armstrong, it takes two to tango. Which leads to two areas of focus over the last year and helpful reminders for all of us:

  • Being coachable is key to business success -- for Agile, thanks to AL Growth Strategy, Entropic Studio, Hilary Zaid, Writer and the HubSpot Academy and the extremely talented agency support team at HubSpot we have made big strides for our existing client base and future clients. We continue to appreciate growing and learning and improving our agency.
  •  Being an even better expert and trusted advisor to our client partners. This involves knowing your craft -- we invest in education and are HubSpot Agency Certified as well as our team has been certified in Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales and Growth Oriented Design. We're also individually certified in Google AdWords. Agile is a Yelp Ads Agency Partner as well as a Grade.us (review management) Partner.  

Limitless Opportunities 

How do you as a small or mid-sized business or non-profit make the shift to an increasingly device and app-connected world? It's a "digital" world out there and businesses that survive the next 20 years will adapt. A key step in that direction is to begin the shift from 'traditional' marketing and sales to inbound marketing and sales. 

This involves a move toward attracting buyers and not disrupting them. Traditional techniques like cold-calls and email blasts and robo-calls don't work in a world where most people can turn off or avoid these approaches.

Need some inspiration? Check out these articles, courtesy of the HubSpot blog:

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We're excited to continue to serve businesses and non-profits throughout this great nation. With an expanded footprint in Salt Lake City and clients in Colorado, Massachussets and Utah we can serve your needs whether on the east coast, west coast or in-between.

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