INBOUND 2022 Recap & Take-Aways

Greetings from Inbound 2022. INBOUND is an annual event that brings business professionals, nonprofit leaders (likes of Doctors Without Borders, medical, health, education and social impact orgs), marketers, sales pro's, consultants, HubSpot partners and clients together for 3 days in Boston and virtual (I'm here in CA as I'm needed here). 60,000+ from 179 countries attended in 2021 and more about INBOUND movement here.  If you haven't been to an Inbound and you're a business or nonprofit leader or in marketing, you have to attend either virtually or even better, in person. A bonus coming up later today, 9.9.22 is a closing keynote from president Barack Obama. HubSpot is #2 in the U.S. for companies to work for in the U.S according to GlassDoor. It's apparent that as they've grown they've focused on People and a connected culture of smart, diverse people. As a HubSpot Partner, we enjoy the partnership and the comraderie and the iron-sharpen-iron culture among the HubSpot Partner community.

My biggest take-away was 1) the trend toward community from What's Next: Leadership Lessons with Brian Halligan & Dannie Herzberg -- we've gone from sales-led, inbound marketing & content-led marketing to product-led growth to now, community-led growth. It's partners and agencies and HubSpot clients that will play an important role. You and your thoughts and input are critical. The trend and notion was unpacked by Board Executive Chair, Brian Halligan yesterday and will continue to be communicated out in coming days, weeks and months. 2) From a session led by Rob Giglio, HubSpot Chief Customer Officer and Emilie Wells, CMO of Triage. She stressed two things 1) HubSpot, as their company platform, has scaled as they have scaled -- for instance, the sometimes complex work around Covid treatment sites around the U.S. was done within HubSpot using workflows and automation and lists to get the word out to the right people, at the right time. 3) the importance, as a CMO, of being patient with internal adoption and pairing it with education, support and humor. Be aware that many phrases are not familiar to Sales, Ops and Service -- terms like "workflows" and "sequences" and even the names of the powerful tools within HubSpot like Tasks and Task automation. Then, communicating not only that there is ROI value in an omni-channel, persona/personalized-centric strategy but how ROAS (return on Ad Spend) translates to more net new clients. Want definitions of any of these (?), ask via the links below with "What do you mean by..."!

Here are take-aways from an attendee, a Marketing Coordinator at a manufacturing firm who is clearly an excellent communicator and does a much better job than I do of taking notes and condensing lots of valuable content. Special thanks to Rachel Jelen who authored this. Look for a Day 3 wrap-up as well and please communicate back to us with your thoughts here on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. To our shared, in-community success.


Authored by: Alan Koenigsberg, Founder & President