Improving Sales and Sales Development Rep (SDR) Closing

According to SalesHackers, only 48% of SDR's consistently meet their quota. And whether your company uses SDRs or not, these tips will be valuable. At Agile, we have maintained close contact with people who are extensions of our team at HubSpot. One such person recommended we try Vidyard or SoapBox and while not mentioned we know many of you may be familiar with BombBomb, great for those out in the field who are not seeking a platform solution and great for emailing.

This is a great article on working with your sales team, many of which include millenials and Gen-Xers who are already using video platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube every day. Read on and enjoy ... and if you're not already subscribed to our Blog, get in on the action with valuable tips and recommendations like you find here. Now on with the show ... a video embedded into this Blog post on boosting sales efficiency using your innate skills and talents HubSpot tools.  

And here's a video we hope you'll find useful on improving your close ratio. Enjoy! ...

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