How to Improve Customer Loyalty for Better Growth - F&B Industry

In the super-competitive food and beverage industry, customer loyalty starts with the product, but it definitely doesn't stop there. Yes, each product has to be top-notch; however, what you do after you develop it is what the brand's success will mostly depend on. 

So you have at least one great product in your portfolio and you've already started its distribution and promotion. 

Great, now it's time to improve customer loyalty! Here are some simple tips that will help you position your brand as a must-have for customers and enjoy growth.

Pricing, pricing, pricing

Here's the thing: going with the lowest price won't bring you much profit while going with the highest will chase away your customers. And you don't want to be part of either scenario, do you? We thought so. The key is to find a balance that works both for your business and your customer.

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When developing the pricing strategy, consider several factors, including your costs, competition pricing, and your target audience. Analyze, compare, calculate, and come up with a reasonable price that will bring you a nice profit without emptying your customers' bank accounts. 

Combining these factors, you'll show your customers that you understand their needs and provide them with a quality product that's worth the money they pay.

Content is king and queen

You've probably heard this saying by now and (surprise!) it's true. But not any kind of content: quality content. What does this mean exactly? Well, something that will be helpful and meaningful for the customers.

Chances are that your target audience spends a big chunk of their day browsing on the internet. As this has been happening for a while, they've learned by now how to quickly recognize a sales pitch. And guess what? They're not very fond of sales pitches! Instead, they love content that teaches them something, provides new information and is worthy to be shared.

So go ahead and have some professional copywriters write blog posts or eBooks about topics that your customers are interested in. For example, if you're selling yogurt, writing about the benefits of dairy products would be a good start.

Do some research before and see what your target audience is searching for on the internet; then create content around what you found. This can lead people to subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media, and buy your products over and over again. 

The power of social media

social media

Talking about social media, have you noticed that almost everyone and their mother share their meals, snacks, and cheat days on their profiles? In addition, there are more and more food channels on the internet that portray various mouth-watering recipes.

Hundreds of millions of people watch food-centered social media accounts, so it's time to use this to your advantage!

Start sharing exciting news about your products, recipes that customers can make using them, and so on. 

Keep close and direct communication with your audience on social media - this way, you'll show them that you're a brand that cares about its customers, answers questions, and reads suggestions. 

You can also conduct surveys and keep your followers updated with the latest news about your brand.

A lifestyle, not a brand

With content and social media, you can promote your brand as a lifestyle, not just a regular product line. Hence, customers will promote the brand for free, since it's something they agree on, part of their style, and aligning with their views.

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You can do that by publicly supporting causes that your target audience supports, sharing behind the scenes sneak peeks from your office, and so on.

A loyalty program

This is probably the simplest way to increase customer loyalty and grow your business. A loyalty program can be done by giving away free sample products when people buy full-sized items, provide referrals etc. 


This is a strategy that encourages more spending, therefore it's naturally good for the company. You can set your creativity free, but don't overcomplicate things and keep it realistic.

Put the products out there

Selling your products in stores and online is, obviously, a must, but if you want great results, you need more than that. Step away from the traditional distribution “channels” and start showcasing your brand at street food weekends, fairs, and other similar events. Plus, you can get in touch with some influencers and send them your products for them to review.


With these methods, you'll steadily improve customer loyalty which will ultimately grow your business. To make sure that on the right path, measure the results by regularly checking analytics and conducting surveys. Best of luck!

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