Digital Marketing Tactics For 2020

Marketing Experience Level: Low, Mid and High


1. Understand your customer

This can't be underscored enough. Too often, as business and marketing leaders we focus on the pronoun "We". Examples are "We offer ... ", "We've distinguished ourselves...", "We're industry leaders in ...", etc.

Instead, arguably, the focus should be on "You". Examples are "You want ...", "Your needs are understood...", "You've been challenged with...", etc. The beauty of the storybrand approach mastered by Donald Miller, CEO of StoryBrand. It focuses on your customers and their needs and you as a problem solver, a guide, a partner. To learn more, contact us and let's calendar some time to chat.

2. Don't be overwhelmed by the trends, tips, etc. that are offered

The basics of marketing, positioning and messaging don't change just because new technologies become available. There is no way in a day you or I can keep up with all of the developments and changes within our industry. Stick to your guns and stay focused. Accept each new challenge as an opportunity to grow and learn. Accept each new conflict as an opportunity to lower barriers to communication within your business or non-profit.

3. Focus on People/Team/Tribe and that which satisifies the soul

We call it soul work. It's what helps your team to gel, it gives everyone energy and focus both toward the business and toward the community. An example is a team building activity for Habitat for Humanity or your company's investment in a community organization like Monument Impact or Support Circle or in the Salt Lake area, Ronald McDonald House or Utah Food Bank.

And if you're just itching for more about tactics for 2020, check out this article from . It reinforces some of what is discussed above and offers additional ideas worthy of your time and consideration.

Let us know your thoughts, tips and ideas for making 2020 the most successful year. Make it a great New Year!