10 Striking Specialty Coffee Retail Numbers - Covid19 Reshaping

Major shifts in specialty coffee retail have taken place during the course of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the United States, including exponential upticks in curbside and pickup orders, cashless payments, delivery orders, sales of grocery items, and home coffee equipment sales.

This is according to a report released in mid-May by the Specialty Coffee Association and the payment solutions provider Square involving data from millions of anonymized transactions from coffee shops all over the U.S.

The top 3 striking numbers from the report are:

  • 5,380% combined sales increase in curbside and/or pickup orders
  • 521% increase in coffee sellers offering curbside and/or pickup since “shelter in place,” which the report loosely defines as the era beginning in March
  • 340% increase in delivery sales among coffee sellers

Read the full article to read about all 10 numbers and access the complete report here.




Image from the Square x SCA Coffee Report: The Specialty Coffee Industry During COVID-19.